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Invisalign® Teen in Windsor

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Our Windsor dentists offer Invisalign clear aligners specifically designed for teens and their developing smiles. 

About Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is the same clear, removable plastic aligners as Invisalign for adults, but with additional features that help to make the process easier for teens undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

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Invisalign Teen Features

Invisalign Teen helps to support teens through the Invisalign treatment process by offering a number of features. 

  • Compliance Indicators

    Invisalign Teen aligners have compliance indicators. These are small blue dots that fade away after the aligners have been worn for two full weeks, to help keep teens on track with their treatment plan.

  • Stageable Eruption Tabs

    Invisalign Teen aligners also come with stageable eruption tabs. These tabs provide space for second molars to grow in and prevent them from growing in crooked or in the wrong space.

  • Replacement Aligners

    Invisalign Teen comes with six sets of replacement aligners to help reduce treatment delays or oral health issues that can be caused by lost or broken aligners.

Invisalign FAQs

Invisalign for Teens | Windsor Dentist | The Avenue Dental Centre

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