Thumb Sucking Habit Breaking

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At the Avenue Dental Centre in Windsor, Ontario we offer parents different options for helping their child break their thumb-sucking habit.

Thumb sucking in babies and young children is a normal, self-soothing behaviour.  Most children will outgrow this habit during the preschool years. However, thumb sucking that persists after the eruption of the adult teeth can lead to serious dental and speech problems.

Additionally, if thumb sucking continues into the school years, children can face embarrassment with peers who no longer suck their thumbs.

Break the Thumb Sucking Habit, Windsor Dentist

How does thumb sucking cause dental problems?

Thumb sucking can cause your child’s teeth to become improperly aligned or push the teeth outward.  It can also cause malformation in the upper palate (or roof of the mouth).

Your child's thumb sucking habit can be stopped by:
  • Inserting a dental appliance behing your child's front teeth to discourage thumb sucking
  • Recognizing the cause of thumb sucking and work to correct it.

Some children suck their thumb due to anxiety or boredom. At the Avenue Dental Centre, we can help you determine the root cause of your child's thumb sucking habit and work to end it.

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