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  • Digital X-rays

    The team at the Avenue Dental Centre uses digital x-rays to see below the surface to detect problems such as tooth decay, damage to the bone, and fractured tooth roots.
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  • Intraoral Cameras

    Our dentists at The Avenue Dental Centre use an intraoral camera, to project enlarged images of your smile. We project these images onto a screen where you and our team can view them together. We want to help educate you at every step of your treatment plan.  What is an intraoral camera? An intraoral camera is a high-resolution tiny camera that fits comfortably into a patient’s mouth. The camera is able to project accurate e...
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  • iTero® Intraoral Scanner

    Our dentists at The Avenue Dental Centre use the iTero® Intraoral Scanner, a scanner used to create a 3-D imaging of your bite. We project this imaging to help educate our patient and create realistic model of the mouth to prepare for orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign®.  What is an intraoral scanner? An Intraoral scanner is a scanner used to take a complete 3-D picture of a patient’s mouth and bite. This scan projects ac...
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  • Soft Tissue Laser

    The Avenue Dental Centre in Windsor uses the Precise LTM 5 soft tissue laser to help make precise incisions, to help protect healthy tissue.  What is a soft tissue laser? A soft tissue laser is often used in favour of a drill to make precise incisions. A soft tissue laser works to help preserve more of the natural tooth and surrounding healthy soft tissue, as it actively seeks out decayed tissue without disturbing the h...
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